Roger Gregg is an award winning playwright, composer, audio-producer and actor. Over the past 25 years he has written for Crazy Dog Theatre, Dublin Youth Theatre, TEAM, The American National Audio Theatre Festival, Graffiti Theatre, The Razor Edge, Oberon Theatre and The Gaiety School of Acting. His plays have also been produced by New York University, the University of Missouri, the Theaterpedagogisches Zentrum in Nuremberg, Germany. His Crazy Dog productions have won many international awards including; 3 American Mark Time Science Fiction Awards, 2 Ogle Fantasy Awards and 2 AUDIOFILE Golden Earphone Awards. In 2006 in a special feature reviewing his work, BBC Radio 4 hailed him as ‘one of a handful of truly great radio dramatists’.

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Roger has created music and soundscapes for numerous exhibitions, films and theatre productions. In particular he has created many soundscapes for BARRABAS Theatre Co. In 2010 he was nominated for Best Sound Design in The Irish Times Theatre Awards for BARRABAS’s acclaimed ‘Johnny Patterson The Singing Irish Clown’. In 2010 he was also awarded an Artist’s Bursary by the Arts Council of Ireland to research the integration of acoustic sound craft into live stage performance. Since 2008 he has been working a great deal in concert shows and recordings of poetry-set-to-music and sound, namely ‘The People’s Republic of Gerry Murphy’, ‘Selections From Thomas Merton’s Cables To The Ace’ and an on-going series of living anthology of contemporary Irish poetry ‘Bee-Loud Glade’ cabaret shows.

Interview with Roger on Writing.ie.